Pat Wade

This is my family. They make up the biggest part of my world. Andy Wade calls me his wife and sometimes he calls me buddy. Andy is the one who points me to grace and mercy every day of his life. He’s a man of few words, but the words he says are powerful, and he means every single one. I am fully known and deeply loved by him. Those girls call me momma girl and those guys call me their favorite mother-in-law in the world, well…I’m their only mother-in-law, so there it is. These are the people that make me strive to grow strong in my faith, love myself and others well, be the best and most authentic version of myself, and cultivate the hope I have through Jesus in others. They love me well and are fiercely loyal. I’m madly in love with all six of them.

My passion is to see this generation of women thrive through Jesus centered relationships. I love girlfriends. I love gathering, telling stories, and listening to the stories of others who are brave, creative, smart, kind, funny, gentle, generous, and full of hope and love.

I love Jesus. He has proven His love for me once and for all time. He came into a dark, chaotic, dirty, scary place and rescued me. I’ll follow Him anywhere He leads.