photograph by Erin McCall

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"Pat is a gifted teacher of the Word. She brought the scriptures alive for us as she taught us how to apply the truth to our lives in very relevant ways. Her words both encouraged and edified our ladies. As she ministered here we were especially touched by her servant attitude and warm heart. Her love of Jesus and her desire to see women grow in their walk with Him is evident to all who sit under her teaching." — Tracey Dykes, Pastor's Wife, North Asheville Baptist Church, Asheville, NC

"My husband Larry and I have been with the International Mission Board for 31 years in the East Asia region. Pat's heart for women and helping them see their fullest potential from God's prospective is so needed on the field. I wish every region could have the opportunity to experience God's love and grace ministered through Pat Wade. I know her love for Missionary women especially and her desire to serve us on the field makes her even more special." — Charlotte Phillips, International Mission Board

"I dare say that I have never been a part of such a well planned event. Everything was taken care of. I could not think of a way it could have been any better. Pat's messages are full of relevant truths from God." — Bicki Rudd

"…a true leader and woman of God. She is a passionate pursuer of God, a captivating communicator, and a catalyst for life change in the women she engages. She is a lover of God's word and has a heart of a true servant. Her humility is apparent in the way she leads the ministry. She lives a selfless life, always willing to give of herself to others." — Ben Taylor

"Being from another country and to be able to be a part of such a powerful event—how could I even try to tell anyone? Everything was perfect! I want whatever Pat Wade has!!" — participant